Bünyamin Özgültekin

Bünyamin Özgültekin 2019-05-02T11:25:41+03:00

In 1972, he graduated from the GEE Department of Painting Department with the top degree. In 1978, he was awarded a state scholarship to study at the Kassel Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated from the Brauenschweig Academy where he was admitted without examination and from the Department of Pedagogy of the University of Hesse. He started working at the University of Hesse. He returned to his homeland in 1984 and started to work as a research assistant at the Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara University. In 1987, he was promoted to the rank of associate professor. In 1993, he was promoted to the rank of professor. Starting from 1995, he served as the head of the Department of Fine Arts Education three times in past. He has been assigned by the Council of Higher Education to establish the Faculty of Fine Arts or Trakya University in 2006. In 2011, he founded Kemerburgaz University Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. He is currently the dean of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Altınbaş University. He is a founding member of UPSD and the winner of 23 national and international awards. He has launched a new artistic formation of systems in Turkey, taking the materials under the control of mind through establishing the systems of the three-dimensional mechanical devices consisting of LEDs and neon lights. With such studies, he gave typical examples of cooperation in art and technology.


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