Osman Rekor

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He was born in Kurumanastır, a village of Messaria, on July 29, 1941. In 1953, he started photography at his brother MEHMET ŞIK’s (Foto Şık) studio. He worked there till 1960. He entered TMT (Turkish Resistance Organization) in 1958. In 1960, he started working as a photojournalist at Halkın Sesi (Voice of Public) newspaper. Rekor says “I took all the photos of Dr. Küçük during his village visits”. When the events began in 1963-1964, the first photos of the events were always taken by him. In 1964, he started to make postcards from photos of war and sold them. Afterwards, he started to work as an antique dealer in addition to photojournalism. He got married in 1969. He has two children. In 1975, he left the Halkin Sesi newspaper. In 1975 ,he opened his own shop in Nicosia and continued to make photography and antiquity.In 1996, he closed his shop and retired.

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