Sembigali Smagulov

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He was born in 1963. Between years 1987-1992, he studied at the T. Zhurgenov Almaty State Institute. Between years 1980-1984 he studied at the Gogol Almaty Art School. Since 1984, he worked in the system of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, took an active part in shaping the aesthetic appearance of the capital. Since 1983, he has been an active participant in all-Union, international and foreign, republican exhibitions and symposiums. He was awarded a commemorative medal dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana. Since 2011, he has been an honorary professor at Nanjing University of Art of China. In 2014, he became the owner of the Golden Order “Cavalier of Art” in Brussels. In 2014, he became a member of the Union of International Artists in Belgium. In 2013, he won the honorary title “Artist of the World around the World” in Beijing. He is the winner of several Professional Republican Art Contests. Creative works included in the catalogs such as: “Zhiger 98”, “Zhiger 2000”, “Fine Arts of Kazakhstan”, “Edge of Realism”, “Universe of Kazakh Ornament”, “Artists of Astana”, as well as the encyclopedia “20 years of the chronicles of Astana’’ (2018). The artist’s works take place in such museums as: the Museum of the People’s East (Moscow); in the National Museum of Kazakhstan and the National Museum of Kyrgyzstan; in the state museum of art named after Kasteev; in the Museum of Modern Art of Astana and regional museums of the country; and also in the residence of the President – Akorda. Personal exhibitions of the artist were held in the cities: Vienna (1994), London (1995), in six cities of Germany (1997), Moscow (1999), Almaty (1996), Atyrau (2006), Astana (2007 and 2013).


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