Taalaibek Usubaliev

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He is the chairman of the Union of Artists of the Kyrgyz Republic;People’s Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic, Honored Worker of Culture ofthe Kyrgyz Republic.In 1987-1993 he studied at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture andArchitecture named after Repin, Academy of Arts of the USSR, at thefaculty of painting, by specialty: artist painter; Restorer of oil andtempera painting in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1993 he became headof the restoration workshops of the Kyrgyz National Museum of FineArts named after G. Aytiev in the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.In 1995, he became the main expert on cultural values of the StateCustoms Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek. In 2004 he was amember of the board of the Union of Artists of the Kyrgyz Republic,Bishkek. In 2006, he won the Tilekke-Tire Small Grants Fund underthe program in support of art and culture, the Swiss Agency forDevelopment and Cooperation in Kyrgyzstan. In 2017 he was theauthor of the development of books for the State orders and medalsof the Kyrgyz Republic. In 2004, received the Certificate of Honor ofthe State Customs Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of theKyrgyz Republic. In 2006, the Certificate of Honor of the State CustomsService of the Kyrgyz Republic was presented. In 2007 he receivedthe Honor Medal named after Mikhail Lomonosov “For a great andpersonal contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperationbetween Russia and the Kyrgyz Republic” Moscow Russia. In 2009, hewas the Laureate of the National Aikol Manas Award and the Man ofthe Year 2009 for contribution to the culture of Kyrgyzstan. In 2010,he was the Laureate of the Award of the President of the KyrgyzRepublic “For achievements in creativity and invention.” In 2010, hereceived the A.Nobel Anniversary Gold Medal “For his contribution tocontemporary art” in Sweden. In 2018, he received a letter of thanksfor his contribution to the development of humanitarian activities ofthe Red Crescent of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek. He is a participant of morethan 123 Republican, All-Union, International exhibitions. Works ofthe artist are in the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts. G. Aitieva,in other museums, private galleries and collections around the world.


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