Yesengali Sadyrbayev

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He was Born in Kazakhstan in 1965, in the Almaty region, Sarkand district. After graduating from the Almaty N.V. Gogol Art College, he worked in ‘’Kaz museum restoration’’, then, after serving in the army, he entered the Kazakh Abay State Pedagogical University, for the graphic arts department, which he graduated in 1995. He is a member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In November 2002, he held his first solo exhibition at the A. Kasteev Museum of Arts, which opened to the public with the artist’s own picturesque handwriting. A special creative method of the artist can be seen in his artworks, which is a comprehensive study of the chosen topic, a detailed depiction of the picturesque details of the picture. Choosing a plot for future works, the artist is immersed in this topic, trying to fully disclose and diversify the motifs of the paintings. From here, comes the artist to the panoramic and complex compositions, goes through the “serial” and “crowded” scenes which also characterize him as a hardworking and assiduous master.

He held nine solo exhibitions some which are; “Capital landscapes”, “Beautiful world of everyday life”, “Kazakh games and traditions”, “Pictures of faraway events”, “All of Kazakhstan”, “Silk Road. Cities of Kazakhstan” held between 2003-2010, in galleries and museums of Almaty, Astana, Taldykorgan, the French Embassy, all presented to the audience through a rich variety of paintings of the artist, showing another facet of his personality – a researcher, ethnographer, historian.

True to his method, Sadyrbaev studies ancient manuscripts, scientific works, and closely communicates with archaeologists, independently writes annotations to historical works, publishes articles about the culture.


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