Feryal Sükan

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Feryal Sükan was born in 1963 in Nicosia when he was a little child her father realized that she was talented to paint. She used to paint when she wanted to express herself and avoid from everything. Painting was the way of her expressing herself in cethen. During high school she won painting awards at school; but when she finished lycée she didnt have a chance to study art. She went to university in 1981 and studied English.She became a teacher in 1985 and she’s still teaching.In 1990-1994 She had art lessons in Aşık Mene’s art studio. She participated the government’s paintings and sculptures exhibitions and some other art competitions and also she participated in many mixed exhibitions.

In 1994 she had her first solo exhibition and in 1995 the second one at artists’ center in Kyrenia. Later she opened exhibitions at Atatürk cultural center in nicosia and one solo exhibition in İstanbul in 1997.

Until now she has opened 12 solo exhibitions the last one was at mosaic restaurant and bar inwalled city in 2015. Aslo she has been exhibiting her paintings in southern parts of cyprus at Diachronıkı gallery in nicosia since 2006. She still paint sather studio in nicosia. She is well known with her figurative paintings we can say that she has an autobiographic painting so she uses espesially female figuares this fıguares are sometimes alone but full of emotions and sometimes there pictuared with surrunding witch inspirest heart is therself.


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