Tünay Özyay

Tünay Özyay 2019-05-13T10:58:43+03:00

He was born in 1993 in Nicosia. He completed Atatürk Technical High School,department of Graphic Design. He graduated from The Near East University, Faculty of Fine Arts , Department of Plastic Arts.
He completed his teaching certificate degree at the Near East University between the years 2016-2017. He worked as an assistant teacher at the Art Therapy with Bahar Çıralı in Kyrenia.
He worked with the assistance of Ozan Özgenler for 7 months in EMAA.
He started his masters degree at The Near East University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design.
He took part in silent theatre and sang songs using sign language in various events.
He shot music video for SILA 4’s ‘Garanfil’ song as an art director with the collaboration of Hearing and Speech impaired Foundation.
He worked as a teacher for the special need chidren in ELA Rehabilitation Center.
He continues his master education at The Near East University, Fine Arts and Design Faculty.


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