Özden Selenge

A.Ozden SELENGE wasbornin Aynakofo(Altinova) village in Famagusta in 1946.Her father was a teacher. Her child hood was in many villages with poetic natural beauty. Her interest and love for the arts started in the elementary school. She graduated from Kaymakli Elementaryand Lefkosa Turk Kiz Lisesi. She attended Ankara Gazi Egitim Enstitusu, receiving training in Painting and History of Art. She worked with distingui she dartists like Kayihan Keskinok and Adnan Turani. After graduation in 1967, she was an Arts and History of Art teacher for 22 years in many schools in Izmir and Cyprus. She also taught at Turk Ogretmen Koleji. She had her first solo exhibition in Izmir in 1967. From then on, she continued her work in art sand literature. Two ofher paintings were featured in 2 stamps by the Postal Office of T.R.N.C. She has 10 published books (novel, stories), and 9 thetre works of which 7 have been staged. She had received numerous awards in the field sofarts. “My aim in art, my dream, what I gather from life and the time we live in.is to catch the essence of time, whatever itmaybe, andtoreflect it withmyowncreation. As I transformmycreationsintowordsorplastic art objects, the subject , content, style can change, provided it reflects me; but the esthetic worry and the level of expression has never been compromisedor changed. In my travel in arts, my compass is my CYPRIOTISM. With all its components, alive or not, with all its states, coloured or colorless, andthe inspiration it gives tome, the real cause is to EXIST and SUSTAIN in expressing myland.

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