Semral Öztan

He was born in Nicosia, Cyprus.
In 1978 Istanbul State Fine Arts Academy (Mimar Sinan University)
Master of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramic Art
He graduated. And he started teaching.
In 1995, Izmir Rotary Club IV. Attended the Ceramic Exhibition.
In 1996, he participated in State Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions in
In 1996-1997 in Cyprus II. Attended KTOOS Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition.
In 1998, he opened his first solo exhibition.
In 2000, he worked as the chief of the ceramic workshop of M. M.O.
In 2003, she participated in the exhibition of K.K Ceramicists Association in
In 2003, he opened his second personal exhibition.
In 2003-2006 he was the chairman of the association of K.K Ceramics
Between 2002-2007, she worked as a member of the Culture Ceremony
of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Society of Ceramics
Exhibition (Ledra Palace, Southern Cyprus).
In 2006, she participated in I_ki-Community Ceramic Exhibition in Greece.
In 2006, his work was published in the stamp office as a postage stamp.
In 2007, Cyprus participated in the ceramic exhibition seramik Under The
Same Sky 2007. (G.kıbrıs)
In 2007, he joined the Aegean University Mixed Ceramic Exhibition in
In 2009, she organized the la Mud Communication la ceramics event at
2010 Mimar Sinan University International Ceramic Symposium Exhibition.
In 2010, lay The Birds of Cyprus ”and ları The Houses of Cyprus Bi were
awarded in China Shanghai International Pots Biennale. It is still exhibited
in Shanghai, China.
Since 2011 2011 1. Yeşeren Umutlar lar Children’s Ceramics Exhibition
International Fourth Asna Clay Triennial in 2012. (Pakistan)
International Caravan Palace Gathering in 2012. (Malatya)
Presidency of the association between 2014-2016.
Since 2015, he is the chair of the art committee of K.T.E.V.
Şirin Koçak’s Unglazed Raku event in 2017.
KKSD ‘‘ Turquoise KS yıl Exhibition in 2017
Ev ki Stone House ’in 2017
Vounous International Event in 2018
In 2018 he became head of the KKSD.
Mediterra Art event in 2018
2018 Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition of Selected Artists Izmir

Workshops Attended

İsmet Vehit Güney Anısına
Sanatla Var Olmak Sergisi

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