The Painting Exhibition that Features 60 Distinguished Paintings created by State Order Holder Artists of Kyrgyzstan was opened at Near East University
Date Added: 14 February 2019, 14:29
Last Updated Date:07 August 2019, 09:19

The "Painting Exhibition of the People’s Artists of Kyrgyzstan", which features 60 distinguished artworks that donated to the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, was opened by TRNC National Education and Culture Minister Cemal Ozyiğit.

The Directorate of Press and Public Relation Office of Near East University released that the opening ceremony of the exhibition was realized at the foyer of Atatürk Culture and Congress Center (AKKKM) with the participation of TRNC National Education and Culture Minister Cemal Ozyiğit, Kadir Akçeşme, the Principal Consultant of TR Ambassador to Nicosia, UBP General Secretary Hasan Taçoy, NEU Founding Rector Dr. Suat İ. Günsel, NEU Board of Trustees Chairman Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irfan S. Günsel, NEU Rector Prof. Dr. Umit Hassan, vice Rector Prof. Dr. Fahreddin Sadıkoğlu, faculty members, state order holder Kyrgyz artists that contributed to the exhibition, invitee artists and guests.

Near East University Rector Professor Umit Hassan, Kyrgyz artists Yuristanbek Shygayev, Zhylkchy Zhakypov, Talant Ogobaev and Rakha Itikeev, and TRNC National Education and Culture Minister Cemal Ozyiğit delivered the opening speeches of the exhibition respectively.

“Silver Key Honor Award” Was Presented….
Prior to the opening of the exhibition, NEU Board of Trustees Chairman Associate Professor Irfan Günsel presented ‘Silver Key Honor Award’ to the state order holder artists of Kyrgyzstan in recognition of their unique contributions to the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts. Following the award presentation ceremony, NUE Rector Professor Umit Hassan took the stage for his opening remarks.

Prof. Dr. Umit Hassan: “We Will See Paintings Reflecting the Aesthetic Understanding of Kyrgyz Painting Art…”
In his opening remarks NEU Rector Prof. Dr. Umit Hassan stated that the exhibition was displaying 60 distinguished paintings that donated to the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts by the People’s Artists of Kyrgyzstan each of whom was a state order holder artist. “The Painting Exhibition of the Kyrgyz Artists reflects the Kyrgyz art, culture, Kyrgyzstan and its people. This exhibition also constitutes a milestone for us in terms of enhancing and strengthening our cultural and artistic relationships with Kyrgyzstan.

Today, we are going to see distinguished artworks reflecting aesthetic understandings and plastic values of Kyrgyz fine arts. The talented People’s Artists of Kyrgyzstan placed figurative elements in their paintings so aesthetically and masterly.  We are going to see the creativity of very natural synthesis in which all balance elements and color, shades, lines, pattern designs are in a harmony that fed by folkloric values” noted he. Touching upon the historical process of the Kyrgyz art of painting, Professor Hassan said that the artists of Kyrgyzstan added great value to the art of painting by creating very distinguished artworks including very rare works and the most contemporary examples.

“Kyrgyz culture is the culture that left the oldest traces in the cognate cultures of the Middle Asia. Considering not only the worldwide renowned great Kyrgyz artists but also the artworks created by new generation artists, we can say that the Kyrgyz art of painting is in a great development. The great breakthrough in the education of fine arts in Kyrgyzstan is of the most striking one. The Kyrgyz art of painting is progressing towards new breakthroughs with concrete steps. Very outstanding and highly talented aestheticians of Kyrgyz art of painting are honoring our university and the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts with their presences. We feel the great delight of this. We are also very thankful to them as they have donated their valuable paintings, which are the products of their unique accumulations, to our museum. Their unique contributions will definitely pave the way towards strengthening the friendship ties between our countries. We also continue to provide educational and cultural contributions” said he.

In his final remarks, NEU Rector Professor Umit Hassan extended his appreciations to the Founding Rector Dr. Suat Günsel in recognition of his mobilizing all possibilities not only to bring color and vividness to social life through arts but also to convey our cultural, historical and artistic values to next generations. “Being bound to these lands with great love and being devoted to his country and people, the Founding Rector Dr. Suat Günsel has spared no sacrifices and realized many breakthroughs and opened new horizons for his country in the field of education, health, science, technology, innovation, culture, sports and arts. He is the architect and inherent of an accumulation that will last throughout generations” noted he.

The Crucial Role of Art in Ensuring Cultural Collaboration and the Unity Has Been Brought Forefront….
Contributing to the exhibition with their 60 distinguished artworks, the State Order Holder Artists of Kyrgyzstan including Yuristanbek Shygayev, Zhylkchy Zhakypov, Talant Ogobaev and Rakha Itikeev underlined the power of arts in ensuring cultural collaborations and unity of people. In their speeches, they also underlined the significant role of the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts that established by Near East University in conveying the cultural and artistic heritage to next generations and contributing to their developments. They also wished a fruitful development in future collaborations. Underlining that Dr. Suat Günsel was a person knowing and understanding the fineness of arts, the Kyrgyz artists stated that the paintings in the collection of the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts reflect the depth of the art of painting.

Minister Cemal Ozyiğit: “Events Adding Meaning to Both Cultural Development of Our Country and Our Social Lıves Have Continuously Been Organized at the Campus Where Ideals Come Alive…”
Expressing that they continuously witnessed a new significant event at the Near East University, TRNC National Education and Culture Minister Cemal Ozyiğit stated that all events realized by Near East University provided contributions to the country’s education and social and cultural life.

Stating that the campus, in which they were now, continuously played host for a cultural and artistic event, Minister Ozyiğit expressed his views: “As long as ideals come true, they get social. We can see that ideals have come alive here. While Suat Hoca (Dr. Suat Günsel) brings his ideals into a being, he adds so much to the country, education and social and cultural life of the country. Providing contributions to cultural and artistic development of our country and sharing these values with everyone in our country and with the world is actually very important. I congratulate him and extend my thanks to him for providing us with opportunity to be together with the artists once again. I also extend my appreciations to Kyrgyz artists for donating their unique artworks depicting their culture and lives to the museum and providing us with opportunity to get acquainted with Kyrgyz art of painting” said he.

Expressing that Kyrgyzstan, which is one of the countries that situated in the furthest east of the Turkic World, is the window opening to the west; Minister Ozyiğit stated that Kyrgyz culture has a distinguished place and importance for Cyprus.  Ozyiğit expressed his happiness of seeing artworks being exhibited in our country.

“A Cultural Interaction Opening to the World Is Being Experienced…”
“This exhibition provides us with opportunity to better internalize the life styles of Kyrgyz artists. They also witness the cultural interaction and how their paintings affect us here. This is important for all of us; it is a cultural interaction from here to there and from there to here. Students of all educational groups should come and visit this exhibition. Such a visit will provide them with opportunity to get an idea about Kyrgyz art of painting and cultural values. Exhibition like this one will also be an inspiration source for those young people, who have interest in arts, to discover their potentials.

In his final remarks, TRNC National Education and Culture Minister Cemal Ozyiğit said that they would exert effort to provide contribution to the events organized by the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts which would be a significant art museum of the country when brought into service. He also invited everyone to visit the exhibition.

The Exhibition Will Be Open to Public Until March 1, 2019…
Following the speeches the opening ribbon was cut and the participants toured the exhibition. The Painting Exhibition of the Artists of Kyrgyzstan, which features 60 paintings, will be open to the visitors from 10:00 to 12:00 on week-days until March 1, 2019.