Spend a day full of culture and arts with your family by visiting the Near East Enterprises Museums on April 15, World Art Day, which falls on Saturday this year!
Date Added: 12 April 2023, 08:51

April 15, which has been celebrated as the world art day every year since 2012, is on Saturday this year. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend a fun day with your family! You can spend a weekend full of culture and art by visiting the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, Cyprus Car Museum, Walled City Museum, GÜNSEL Art Museum and Cyprus Herbarium and Natural History Museum.

Celebrated as the “World Art Day” in honor of the birthday of the famous scholar and artist Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most important names of the Renaissance, April 15 aims to make art more visible in public life. The Museums of the Near East Enterprises, with its rich collections, host its visitors with the aim of making science, technology, culture and art a part of daily life in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The heart of contemporary art: Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts
The Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, located on the Near East University campus, should be your first stop on your art trip that you can take on the World Art Day. Sculptures and paintings, knife and sword collection, ship models, a completely handmade glasswork collection, clothes from different cultures and periods, jewellery, models and many other works in the museum, which brings together 50 thousand works of approximately 3 thousand artists from 14 different Turkish societies, are the same. You can see it under the roof.

The magical world of cars is at the Cyprus Car Museum!
When you complete your tour at the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, the Cyprus Car Museum, located right across it, will open the doors of a completely different world to you. Over 150 cars are exhibited in the Cyprus Car Museum, which reveals the development of the modern world and the historical development of automobiles with its rich collection. The oldest vehicle in the museum is the 1901 model Crest Mobile. In addition to this vehicle, which is the only one in the world, cars from every period of 100 years of history from the early 1900s to the 2000s draw visitors into a time tunnel. In addition to its rich automobile collection, the Cyprus Car Museum provides children with fun moments with toys made from various machine parts, model car collections, pedal cars, Batman and Transformers figures and many more.

Another museum you can visit on the Near East University campus is the Cyprus Herbarium and Natural History Museum. The museum, which was created after more than 20 years of scientific research, awaits its visitors with more than 20 thousand plant and living specimens as well as the geological materials of Cyprus, whose history goes back 250 million years. In the museum where 11 thousand different kinds of plant species between 1500-1600 found in Cyprus are exhibited, 140 kinds of plant species unique to Cyprus are exhibited.

The culture and history of Cyprus is in the Walled City Museum!
The Walled City Museum, located across the Kyrenia Gate, reflects the culture and history of Cyprus, while offering art lovers an art feast with its different works. Over 3,000 pieces are exhibited in the Walled City Museum, where artifacts from different style and periods are exhibited on each floor. In the museum, which has a wide range of works, toy car collections, examples of swords and knives, and hyperrealist silicone sculptures of the symbols of Turkish Cypriot culture are exhibited. At the same time, over 70 sculptures, paintings, objects related to maritime history and Karagöz replicas are among the remarkable collections. Ottoman period artifacts such as the warrants and edicts, the kadi registers of Nicosia, and the carpet from the 17th century on display at the Walled City Museum take visitors on a historical journey.

GÜNSEL and Art
GÜNSEL Art Museum, located in Dereboyu, one of the busiest streets of Nicosia, has a rich painting and sculpture collection consisting of the works of artists belonging to 14 Turkish nations. The works exhibited in the museum create a wide spectrum in terms of school, style and Ecole, bringing together painting, printmaking, engraving, linoleum, serigraphy, lithography, sculpture and ceramic works of award-winning artists. GÜNSEL Art Museum also symbolizes the sensitivity of GÜNSEL, the environmentalist car of the Mediterranean.