60 students from Alayköy Primary School visited the Near East Enterprises Museums with their teachers and spent a day full of culture and arts before April 15 World Art Day
Date Added: 13 April 2023, 08:35

Near East Enterprises Museums continue to host the students of the schools providing education in the TRNC. 60 students from Alayköy Primary School, together with their teachers, visited the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, the Cyprus Car Museum, the Walled City Museum, the GÜNSEL Art Museum and the Cyprus Herbarium and Natural History Museum, and met with art today before April 15 World Art Day.

With the visit of Alayköy Primary School students, the number of students visiting the Near East Enterprises museums in the last two months has exceeded 900. Students studying at schools in the TRNC will continue to be more closely acquainted with the inspiring power of art in the coming days.

Students spent hours full of art, culture and science!
Visiting the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, which is the largest contemporary art museum not only in Cyprus but also in the region with over 50 thousand works of art, students closely examined a rich collection of paintings and sculptures made up of works by artists belonging to 14 Turkish nations. In addition, many collections, from ship models to glassware and sword collections, provided entertaining moments for visitors, most of whom were primary school students. The Cyprus Car Museum, located on the Near East University campus, has become one of the museums where children spend the most time with its rich automobile collection as well as toys made from various machine parts, model car collection, pedal cars, Batman and Transformers figures, and many more.

At the Herbarium and Natural History Museum, students had the opportunity to examine 11 thousand of different plant specimens, mushroom varieties, insect species, various reptile species, sea creatures, fossils and rocks, and the mountain history of Cyprus under one roof.

Visiting the Walled City Museum, the children admired many collections reflecting the cultural identity and history of Cyprus, as well as various historical events depicted on the ceilings of the museum, such as the Ottoman Empire’s conquest of Nicosia and the arrival of the British in Larnaca.