Discover, learn and be inspired during Museums Week, May 18-24!
Date Added: 20 May 2024, 08:57

Museums preserve the common heritage of humanity, such as history, art, science and culture, and transfer it to future generations. Museums stand out as the most important places where social memory gets strength. On the other hand, they help individuals understand their own cultural identities by building a bridge between the past and the present. Thus, museums are not only places that preserve the past, but also the key to social development and progress. That’s why every year, the week between 18 and 24 May is celebrated as Museums Week.

The Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, the Cyprus Car Museum, GÜNSEL Art Museum, the Walled City Museum and the Cyprus Herbarium and Natural History Museum transform the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus into one of the strongest culture and art centers in the region with over 100 thousand works of art and materials.

Discover, learn and be inspired by visiting the Near East Enterprises Museums during Museums Week. Moreover, the Near East Enterprises Museums continue to provide free of charge services to the TRNC citizens, Near East Enterprises employees, Near East University and University of Kyrenia students, members of the Republic of Turkey Embassy in Nicosia and the Turkish Cypriot Peace Forces personnel, as on other days, during the museums week.

Art, culture, history, automobiles, technology, natural history and more

You will have the chance to examine sculptures and paintings at the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, which brings together art lovers with nearly 50 thousand artworks of approximately 3 thousand artists from 14 different Turkish communities. You will also be able to experience a collection of knives and swords, ship models, a collection of handmade glass works, clothes from different cultures and periods, jewelry, models and many other works under the same roof.

Located opposite the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, the Cyprus Car Museum opens the doors of fun and curiosity to children and gives adults a complete nostalgia experience. Nearly 200 cars are exhibited in the Cyprus Car Museum, which reveals the development of the modern world and the historical development of automobiles with its rich collection.

Another museum you can visit on the Near East University campus is the Cyprus Herbarium and Natural History Museum. The museum, which was created as a result of nearly 30 years of scientific research, offers visitors the opportunity to discover the unique natural wealth of Cyprus. In addition to the geological materials of Cyprus, which dates back 250 million years, the museum awaits its visitors with more than 20 thousand plant and living specimens, and 140 plant species unique to Cyprus.

Walled City Museum and GÜNSEL Art Museum bring art to the city!

The Walled City Museum, located at the Nicosia Kyrenia Gate, continues to reflect the culture and history of Cyprus with its different works. More than 3 thousand pieces are exhibited in the Walled City Museum, where artworks from various periods are exhibited on each floor. The museum offers a complete feast of art to all its visitors, big or small. There is a collection of toy cars, examples of swords and knives, and hyperrealistic silicone sculptures of iconic figures of Turkish Cypriot culture. In the museum, more than 70 sculptures, paintings, objects related to maritime history and Karagöz images are among the other noteworthy collections. Ottoman artifacts such as charters and edicts, kadi registers from Nicosia, and carpets from the 17th century, take visitors on a journey of history. The 2,500-year-old motifs of the Cypriot civilization also come to life in the stained glass on the door and window panes of our museum.