Ablabek Dairov

He was born in May 10, in 1932 in the collective farm named after the 25th anniversary of the Kirghiz SSR of the Alamedin region. In 1961, he graduated from the Tashkent Theater and Art Institute named after A.N Ostrovsky, receiving a specialty of painter.

Since 1962 he was a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

The main genre of creativity is landscape. He also worked in the field of thematic paintings and portraits; A. Dairov finds poetry in the usual motifs of the Kyrgyz nature and folk life. His canvases are distinguished by simplicity of composition, subtle picturesque and sincerity.

He was also the participant of republican, all-union and international exhibitions. His works are in the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts named after G. Aytiev