Adilgali Bayandin

2014- participant of the exhibition dedicated to the 110th jubilee of A. Kasteev, Almaty city. 2015- participant of the contest-exhibition “The Golden Boat”. The author of the illustrations to the books: “Kotibar almas kylysh El tiregi”, “Kobylandy”, “Burkit belgili Taylak Batyr”. The author of the projects of the mausoleums “Kotibar Batyr”, “Bekkul Aulie”. His works are in the museums of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and private collections in the USA, Germany, South Korea, and the embassies of the Baltic states. He was born on the 14th December, 1966, in the village Kyzylzhar, Khromtau region, Aktobe oblast’ 1989- graduated from the art collage of Aktobe. 1989- 1994- studied in the Kazakh National Art Academy. 1992- exhibition “Zhiger” in the A. Kasteev National Museum. 1993- International symposium of the artists “Ana-zher-ana”. 1995- solo exhibition in the gallery “Rukh”, Almaty. 1998- member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 2003- the exhibition dedicated to the Year of Kazakhstan in Russia, Orenburg City. 2004- exhibition of art “Aktobe in the vision of artists”, 1st place winner, Aktobe city. 2005- exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Great Patriotic War, 2nd place, Aktobe city. 2008- participant and prize-winner of the festival “The waves of Caspian Sea”, Aktau City. 2008- solo exhibition “The Diary”, Aktobe City. 2009- the owner of the certificate of approval for design. 2010- the participant of the Art Symposium “Eurasia. The Images of Modernity”, Almaty City. 2011- the participant of the Republican Symposium of artists of Kazakhstan, Astana City. 2011- the participant of the Symposium “The mysterious colors of the Independence”, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Independence of Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda City. 2012- the contest-exhibition “The Golden Boat”, Grand-Prix – the nomination Art, Atyrau City. 2014- the participant of the exhibition “The Artists of Astana”, Astana City. 2014- Symposium of the artists, Astana City. 2014- the participant of the exhibition of “The Days of Astana”, SaintPetersburg. 2014- contest-exhibition “The Oil of Kazakhstan”, 3rd place, Astana.