Aleksandra Kokacheva

In 2018, she graduated from the Art and Graphic Department of Ilya Repin Academy of Art. She participated in the art project "Winter Garden" in St. Petersburg in 2019. She opened her solo exhibition at DIDI gallery in St. Petersburg. She also opened her graphic exhibition "Genesis". He participated in the "Time Traces" art exhibition in the city of Sudak, Crimea. She participated in the SAM FAIR modern art fair in St. Petersburg in 2017 and 2018. She participated in the art exhibition of young artists of Russia and Japan named "Overcome". In 2017, she participated in the art exhibition "Art time" in Moscow. In 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2017, she participated in the annual art exhibition "Youth of St. Petersburg". Also, in 2016, she participated in the "Image and Dream" art exhibition in Chengdu, China. Furthermore, she also participated in the 1st regional art exhibition "North-West Young Artists of Russia" held in the city of Siktivkar, Russia. Moreover, she opened her personal art exhibition "Strolling in his home country ..." in the city of St. Petersburg. She took part in the "Eye to Eye with Nature" international art exhibition. She opened solo exhibitions "From the North to St. Petersburg and back" and "Pushkin Mountains" at the Velsk art gallery.