Arzu Safakogullari

She was born in İstanbul. She graduated from Marmara Üniversity , Atatürk Faculty of Education from “Arts and Crafts” in 1990. While working as an art teacher in İstanbul, she also worked with the artist Yusuf Taktak and took part in many mixed-exhibitions. In 2006, she moved to Cyprus Nicosia and since then, has been continuing her works with the artist Nilgün Güney. Some of the exhibitions that she took part in are “You Are Here” in November 2014,“Rescuded Animals” in 2018 and “ For Everything That Unites Us” in 2018 bi-communal peace festival. She mostly prefers acrylic on canvas by using mixed techniques in her works. She is currently working at the Near East Junior College as an art teacher.