Asik Mene

1973 Started İn Neşet Günal Workshop İn Istanbul State Academy Of Fine Arts
1982 Graduated From Mimar Sinan University, Faculty Of Fine Arts, Department Of Painting. (MA)
1987 First Solo Exhibition, Ataturk Culture Center
1988 Solo Exhibition, Fluxes Art Gallery, Nicosia
1999, International Erotic Art Exhibition Nicosia
1992 3 Solo Exhibition Fluxes Art Gallery Nicosia
1993 Solo Exhibition, Hp Art Gallery Nicosia
1994 Solo Exhibition, Ataturk Culture Center, Nicosia
1995 Solo Exhibition, Nadya Art Gallery, Istanbul
1997 Solo Exhibition, Nadya Art Gallery
1998 Solo Exhibition, Nadya Art Gallery
1999 Solo Exhibition, Nadya Art Gallery
2004 Heliotropion Gallery, Larnaca Cyprus
2010 Solo Exhibition, Ikd Nicosia

Workshops Attended

Existing With Art Exhibition" in Memory of İsmet Vehit Güney