Cevdet Çagdas

Çevdet Hüseyin Çağdaş, born in 1926 in Nergisli (Yenagra) village of Famagusta, is a leading figure in Turkish Cypriot painting. The artist, who was among the founders of the Turkish Cypriot Museum, played a major role in the development of the Turkish Cypriot Artwork with many exhibitions. In addition to the artist’s paintings, he has written articles in various newspapers and magazines about the arts. “Turkish Revolution Works in Cyprus” is among his most valuable works. Some internet sources refer to the artist’s “Avare” story and others refer to his poetry. But his main aspect is his art of painting. Furthermore, it is understood that Cevdet Çağdaş is a versatile artist and has an important place in Turkish Cypriot culture and art. In this work, the life and works of the artist will be highlighted and his place in Turkish Cypriot art will be evaluated.

Workshops Attended

"Existing With Art Exhibition" in Memory of İsmet Vehit Güney

Cyprus Turkish Painters Exhibition Retrospective