Emir Kasim

Emir Kasım was born in May, 1987. He graduated from Near East College in 2004.The painter was trained at the workshop of Alper Özkemal. He has received awards in many painting competitions and participated in exhibitions. He graduated from Department of Architecture of Near East University in 2008. He has improved himself on Ceiling and Wall Paintings. He contributed many scientific works with his drawings. He also completed his higher education at the Department of Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Near East University in 2012. He has been teaching for the Faculty of Architecture for 10 years. He is conducting his PhD on the history of architecture, medieval buildings and cities. His art works take place in art galleries in London, Ireland, Turkey, Cyprus and in the Art Space Gallery in Kuwait where he had worked for one month in past. He is also known for his designer talents.

Workshops Attended

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