Gheorghe Munteanu

Gheorghe Munteanu was born in 1934 in the Soldanesti district of Moldova. He graduated from the Ilya Repin College of Fine Arts in Chisinau in 1959 and from the State Institute of Arts in Kiev in 1970. The classical school of monumental painting in Kiev helped the artist master the skill of drawing and achieve in his painting a surface with tangible colors, clear composition structures, color transitions, an ambiance of light and air, and a picturesque and palpable harmony.

Munteanu felt attracted by the countryside, and to simple and familiar situations where ordinary people, cultivating the grapevine with care, keep their traditions and faith and live their lives in peaceful way.

Mastering the good old-fashioned technique of oil painting and skills of his academic school, the painter gently immerse the viewer in a real and living world.
In spite of his commitment to realism, Munteanu’s style is multifaceted. Munteanu believed that every artist should be involved with the events of his time. “Creating a painting is a very complex process”, Munteanu said, “No one knows in which way success might lie, but it is true that the longer you carry an idea in your thoughts, the more easily you can express it” Painter Gheorge Munteanu passed away on January 21, 2018