Gulnaz Rozykulova

She was born on September 8, in 1963 in the city of Mary. From1979 to 1983 she studied at the art school. From 1983 to 1997 she worked in the art fund of TSSR. She is the participant of numerous exhibitions: India, Delhi (1997); Iran, Tehran (1998); Kazakhstan, Astana (2000); Anglo-Turkmen Exhibition (2004); Russia, Moscow (2008); Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (2008); Turkey, Istanbul (2008); Austrian-Turkmen Exhibition (2009); Turkey, Amasya (2009); Turkey, Gumushkhan (2009); Turkey, Mardin (2010); Tatarstan, Yelabuga (2012); Turkey, Erzurum (2012); Sweden, Amsterdam (2018); French-Turkmen Exhibition (2018). Since 2000, she has been an active participant in regional exhibitions in Turkmenistan. Her works are in private collections in the UK, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, China, and Japan.

Workshops Attended

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