İlkay Önsoy

ilkay onsoy was born on the 16th of January in 1953 in pergamos village , Cyprus. Early education in the village ,Went to London in 1967 and studied in these collages,, 1967 -70 Samuel Pepys Secondary School. 1970-71 South East London Collage for further education. 1971-72 Croydon Art Collage .Foundation Course. 1972-75 Newport Art Collage ,Bachelor of Arts ,1st Class honors. 1975-78 Royal Collage of Art ,Master of Arts .in painting .Studied with professor Peter de Francia and Philip Rawson., 1980-81 goldsmiths Collage -Art Teachers Certificate..Returned to Cyprus in 1983 and since then has been living here,teaching art in many schools and practicing his profession.Between 1983 and 2008 , he has opened 14 one man painting plus 3 etching exhibitions. as well as participating in many mixed ones.

Workshops Attended

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