İnci Kansu

inci Kansu (b. 1937) is a painter and paper artists based in Cyprus.

Transparency of the light and depth of the shadow of the island fascinates her.Time and memory are active elements in her work; building various layers in two and three dimensional form. Kansu’s artistic philosophy is based on working and experimenting with self-made paper and coJJage technic.As a first paper artist on the island has been avid, advocate, educator of paper art, paper making; delivering over fifty conferences, workshops in Cyprus and abroad.Also submitted papers at iM XV/1 and XIX World Congress of Aesthetics 2007, Ankara and 2013, Krakow-Poland.

Kansu is an active member off APMA among other international art associations and was former President of the Cyprus Paper Artists Association. She holds several awards and has had a long standing career as an exhibiting artists; partaking in countless solo and group shows around the world. Her Works are part of official and private collections.

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