Ion Daghi

Born in Olishkani village in 1936. Currently one of the streets in his native village was named in his honor.

Between 1952 – 1960 studied at republican school of fine arts. Continued his education in Ukraine, in 1967 graduated University of Industrial Design and Fine arts in Kharkov. Honorable member of Moldavian association of painters. Starting from 1990 holds a doctorate degree in pedagogue of fine arts.

Ion Daghi is an author of many monumental works (mosaics, pictures, stained-glass windows and others) that adorn important places in Moldova , Russia, Ukraine and etc.

Ion Daghi is author of 39 paintings that constitute a single series dedicated to the art of famous poet Eminescu. Number of pictures coincide with the number of years lived by poet. This collection was appreciated by many critics all around the world.

Ion Daghi is owner of many national and International awards.