Kaan Bağcı

I am a freelance illustrator, I live in Izmir. I’ve been interested in music for about 7-8 years before producing anything in illustration field. I have learned a lot about the production and interpretation of the music works especially during my performace at the theaters. I still use this knowledge in my studies. I’ve been drawing since childhood, but I’ve been doing this for the last 5-6 years professionally. In Turkey and in the world I had the chances to work with many grand brands such as Bomonti, Coca-Cola and Greenpeace. Some of my artworks have been published in many media such as Washington Post, JuxtapozMag. I am trying to produce beautiful works and make beautiful relations. I am continuing my studies in Izmir, as the last member accepted to the group of Krüw.

Workshops Attended

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