Salih Mustafa Çizel

Çizel wasbornin 1946 in Lamaca, Cyprusandcompletedhiseducationwherehewas born. Talent to art and painting discovered by his teachers during his school life, held one of his early watercolor exhibitions while he was in elementary school. He is continuing not only his regular work but also his painting as an artist all his years up until now. Çizel attended many group exhibitions until 1963 and held his first solo exhibition in 1968 in Lamaca. His second solo exhibition in abroad took place in Istanbul Hilton Hotel in 1990. Artist not only involved in exhibitions within the country but also participated exhibitions in Turkey, Germany, Austria, France, Greece, and England. He still continueshisworksinhisstudioin Lapta.

Workshops Attended

İsmet Vehit Güney Anısına
Sanatla Var Olmak Sergisi

Kıbrıs Türk Ressamları 2