Talant Ogobaev

He was born in 1955. The artist is the winner of the state awards of the Kyrgyz republic and is also a member of the correspondent of the t. Satylganova academy of arts of the Kyrgyz republic. In 1975, he graduated from the Franzen artistic school. In 1982, graduated from Moscow surikov state artistic institute. In 1995, he participated at the ‘‘habitat’’ exhibition in turkey- grand prix. In 2005, he took traineeship in a summer graphics camp in Austria. Between 1984-1987, he conducted his graduate studies at the union of artists of the USSR. His works were exhibited in the 7th international biennale modern art in Beijing in 2017. In 1989, he participated at the exhibition of five young soviet artists, in Trenton, USA. In 1987, he was a participant of the ‘‘new wave’’ exhibition in Bishkek. In 1988, he participated at the exhibition of young soviet artists in pekin. In 1984, he was a participant of the international exhibition “our modern” in Moscow. In 2017, he participated at the exhibition of contemporary art “ne-ne-ne”, art-center “asanbay”. Works and collections of the artist are exhibited in the state tretyakov gallery, Kyrgyz aytieva national museum of fine arts, kasteyeva state museum of arts, Novosibirsk state artistic museum; and also in the museum of arts in poland. He also has a collection of ‘‘nakhit kabakchi’’ in turkey, and also artcenter “fondazione 107” in