“Painting Exhibition of Turkish Artists” consisting of 40 paintings especially made for Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts to be opened by Health Minister Dr. Filiz Besim…
Date Added: 20 February 2019, 09:19
Last Updated Date:13 December 2019, 17:54
The “Painting Exhibition of Turkish Artists” consisting of 40 especially made paintings by 15 artists from Turkey will be opened by Dr. Filiz Besim, TRNC Minister of Healty.
According to the Near East University Press and Public Relations Directorate, the opening ceremony of the “Painting Exhibition of Turkish Artists” will take place at the Exhibition Hall of Near East University Hospital on Thursday, February 21, 2019, at 17.00.

40 works made using oil painting techniques will be included in the inventory of the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts.

Painters Reflecting Different Styles and Ecoles will be exhibiting their works…
15 artists from Turkey applying different techniques creating their own unique artworks will present their 40 works at the exhibition, they are; Zafer Gençaydın, Hüsnü Dokak, Devabil Kara, İbrahim Çiftçioğlu, Cebrail Ötgün, Mehmet Yılmaz, Atila İlkyaz, Cezmi Orhan, Bünyamin Özgültekin, Atila Atar, Hayri Esmer, Erdal Aygenç, Erdoğan Ergün, Yücel Yazgın, and Gökhan Okur.

Two exhibitions will be opened on the same day…
The Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, which so far has hosted many solo and mixed exhibitions, is also hosting painting exhibitions consisting of works prepared by artists from Turkic Republics.
The museum will host two exhibitions on the same day, one consisting of the works of the Turkmen artists, the other consisting of the works of artists from Turkey. With these exhibitions, art-lovers and exhibitors will have the chance to see dozens of paintings in different styles and techniques.