Emel Samioglu

She studied “Art&Art; History’ at the Girls Technical School of Teachers, 1963-1967 (Gazi University Mesleki Teknik Eğitim Faculty) and later went to Landon and Francefor workshops and research. She taught fine arts and art history at different high schools for 23 years. She continued her work in her own atelier/workshop andguided and consulted students for fineartandarchitecture departments. She participated at international workshops, conferences and biennials. Since 2000 handmade paper became thefocus ofher artwork. Sheisa member of IAPMA (Anintemational organization of Paper Art artists), Paper Art Artists Association (Turkey) and Cyprus Paper Art Artists Association (Cyprus). She attended conferences, workshops, competitions and exhibitions of IAPMA that are organized every 2 years in different countries.

She organizes workshops about art of paper art and for university students. She attended panel discussions as an artist who ‘broughtfar andnear together’as we/1as ‘artistandartist iden tity’. Her art works are part of a number ofprivate and official collections. Her art works are in the collections of lzmirAegean University ‘Paper & Book’ and Yalova ‘lbrahim Muteferrika Paper Art’ museumsin Turkey. She was awarded as the TheArtist of the Year’ as wellas·mustration ofan artworkon astamp: She had 14 solo exhibitions andparticipated in 105 group exhibitions in different countries. She continues herartworkatherownatelier in Nicosia,Cyprus.

Workshops Attended

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Sanatla Var Olmak Sergisi

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